Estonian exchange DX.Exchange has announced a “temporary closure”

Estonian exchange DX.Exchange has announced a “temporary closure”

November 4, 2019 by
The Board of Directors of the Estonian trading platform DX.Exchange decided to suspend the exchange due to plans to sell the company or merge with another platform.

The statement notes that the cost of providing the proper level of security, support and teamwork is too high and the business is simply unprofitable.

“The board believes that this is the best option for DX.Exchange to succeed for its shareholders and be a competitive platform. If the sale or merger is not completed after a certain period of time, the exchange may be closed permanently.

The site has already closed down user deposits and canceled all open orders. The company declares that all user funds are safe and will be returned to clients. Payment requests are accepted until November 15.

The user must provide a photo of the front side of the passport, selfi with the current date and the inscription DX.Exchange, a list of cryptocurrency wallets and the amount of money to be transferred there. Thus the letter should be sent from the same e-mail address which was used at registration.

The launch of the DX.Exchange platform took place earlier this year, but very soon a number of serious vulnerabilities were discovered on the exchange.

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